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Where to begin -- I am the oldest of 4 kids, firm believer that age is in your mind (I am 29 yrs young) Animal lover- Mommy to a beagle fur baby, & wife to my best friend who drives me crazy sometimes, but whom I simply can't live without (smh! LOL) We have been married for 5* yrs now y'all & it feels like a lifetime! I am a romantic at heart, ABOVE this section you will find some photos from our anniversary session & other photos we've taken during our favorite times together **traveling** This is Us-- Home bodies with wandering souls, coffee lovers, playful, fun & crazy in love.

On a day that I am not shooting a wedding or editing, you can find me on my couch 'pretzeling' away with my husband while we watch movies, eat popcorn & drink Italian wine, or coffee--We both really like going to the gym -- Exercise helps ME deal with the wedding stress so YOU don't have to ;) i am a foodie at heart--Currently obsessed with Peruvian food, artisan desserts & going to the beach for inspiration & 'life pauses'--I also love spending time with my parents (I'm that kid LOL) They are my best friends and being home with them, or having coffee with them is all it takes to make me smile!

Though we are not a husband & wife shooting team, we are still a TEAM -- the #DreamTeam . My husband was crazy enough to go along my crazy dream & still does! He is my biggest support system & without him I would not be able to do what drives me and fills my heart -- He pushes me everyday to give my clients more & to continue to raise the bar! (You can thank him for that) Thanks to him, his vision and leadership skill, I have pushed myself beyond my industry limits in order to bring that traditional + creative combo I give my couples!

None of the above— Not my marriage or my business would be where they are if it wasn’t for God. I humbly recognize His favor and Grace in every accomplishment I have ever reached. Jesus Christ is the very foundation of and center of my life & marriage, He is the example I follow & His love is what has kept me, my marriage & business today & forever. Being able to photograph weddings… Witnessing those moments of unconditional love— as corny as it may sound…They remind me of God’s love for us. We are His bride and His love for us purely reckless :’)




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I aim for that romantic feel in all my sessions, as well as just having plain FUN! My Clients Describe my sessions often as just going to a really fun, & romantic date! I am very TRANSPARENT & I love that I can always be myself with couples & clients as we often meet before working together! I enjoy getting to know my clients on a more personal level because this usually results in capturing who they are in essence! I am very passionate about wedding days, baby bumps, my couples & my business! As a photographer my priority to to deliver images that evoke emotion, & in order to do that the couple/person I am working with must feel at ease, in their element, comfortable & secure -- I work hard to do all of those for my clients! Working with me will never feel 'awkward' or 'uncomfortable' or 'disconnected' From the moment we say "I do" to working together, I will take you on a journey where posing, what to wear, what time, & where isn't overwhelming -- Instead you get to focus on your 'bae' and how much you truly enjoy one another!


Needless to say I love traveling more than anything --This wasn't always the case though. I use to dream of other things until I visited New York City! That's right -- NYC changed me! These streets really ARE magical! There is something about seeing the world, encountering different cultures & meeting other people that is just plain awesome. {quirky fact: My husband LOVES collecting mugs from everywhere we travel-- I am running out of shelf space LOL}. I also enjoy podcasts & learning things on youtube-- I have also made it a habit to read, in order to travel when I can't. Books have the ability to transport us to a time an a place when we physically cannot.

I have a soul for wander...Traveling is second nature to me!

Let me tell your love story! 



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