So, about a week before the year 2016 ended I was sitting in a StarBucks with Yenni and Caleb, planning the final details of their engagement and they were tired from their drive all the way from Tampa to Miami. This quickly faded as we chatted more about their love story -- Caleb is a worship leader in Tampa, as well as a high school teacher (oh Man!.. His students must love him -- he is like super cool) and Yenni is also a teacher... of music! She herself also is a professional violinist and played at church where they met. They are so much fun together, and photographing their destination engagement I was able to see once more that 'magic' that is between a couple who are truly meant to be. I remember asking God to show His love in every stream of light, and in even in every color of the sunset, and man oh man did He show off!! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did capturing and photographing them!

Yenni... You will make such a beautiful bride! You glow with LOVE 


And then we found a little patch of heaven...  <3

These photos are ALL my favorite -- right in this magical timeless place... (sigh...)

...& then we got some (cough, cough) sexy photos.... but they always stayed classy*

Oh my...! >.<

Told you... they are Oh so classy!

Weren't they just beautiful... ? They really made the place stand out -- Yenni & Caleb: Your love, they way you laugh together -- that deafening silence when you look into each other's eyes, like there is no one else around you -- That is LOVE! Cherish it, & nurture it forever! I loved doing this engagement shoot with you... See you soon!! 

Angela Vallejo