I chose this song because I love the idea of treasuring each memory I have of these women!  --No matter the distance, love always keeps us together. Press PLAY & enjoy the read :)

This weekend it's mothers day as you all know and are probably preparing gifts, a lunch or a dinner for that special gentle warrior woman in your life. My mother is in Colombia this year, and she will be spending it with her mom! What a privilege-- (My grandma on the left photo above.) This post might make you cry a little... So grab some tissues and perhaps a glass of water before you continue reading.

This year I wanted to share a little more of me and perhaps inspire you to have, or spend mother's day a little differently. Many of you dont't know this but my mother is law is in heaven, she left with the Lord about 10 years ago-- Even though I never met her, her mantle of prayer was passed on to my husband... A part of her lives in him & he's shown me who she was in the way he is. --She was an awesome mother and very strong woman who prayed her son's and daughter into their purpose. 

My grandma (Lilia - Mom's mom) lives 1,509 miles away from me, as well as my other grandma ( Idaly -Dad's Mom) and I get to see her once a year some times-- I've never been lucky to have had seen her twice in one year since I was 11 years old. I really hope my kids get to enjoy her, maybe even more that I have!

My dad's mom has Alzheimers, and I saw her last year in September after not seeing her for 11 years-- That was when the photo of me holding her was taken.(Top Right) I went to see her... I hugged her, kissed her and talked to her...She changed so much over the years...I could see wrinkles on her skin and grays on her head--Her skin was cold and soft to the touch--I am one of her favorite grand daughters -- She never recognized me. I spent a as much time as I could with her, and she couldn't remember me. I cried silently then, and I cry so much now writing this. If you have someone with Alzheimers in your life, you will know the deep pain it feels to look into your loved ones eyes and seeing no one is really there... At times a flicker of their soul comes back and in an instant it's gone again.

Spending time with both my grandmas I felt as if time was an eternity. I enjoyed every minute of it. I looked at them, hugged them, kissed them & even stared at them as if it would be the last time... Honestly because it could be. 

Now, as I think of my mom & how lucky & blessed I am to have her mind, heart and body here on earth with me, I am so happy to know I show her love as much as I can. I call her daily -- We talk about everything and about nothing at all. Of course we argue and disagree, but in her I've found a fountain of wise words, or advice that comes from a place of experience in life always. When I was little she was my refuge, as I got order she became that fountain of constant wisdom, and now she is my confidant and true friend. She will always be the greatest example of God's love here on earth for me. 

This mother's day... as cliche as it sounds... Honor that warrior, celebrate that gentle love giant who showed you the closest thing to knowing the love of God here on earth. Today we are, tomorrow is never promised. It is their teachings, their spirit, and their heart that stay with us long after they're gone. Make that call, write a letter, do something memorable and always tell them how grateful you are for them, and how much you love them! 


Love always, 

Angie Vallejo