I have seen so many couples get engaged in the past few months, and when the conversations sparks up they almost always tell me they don’t know where to start planning! I went ahead and asked four amazing wedding planners in our South Florida area and they gave me some of their best tips to get the ‘ball rolling’ for wedding planning to share with you all! Check out their tips below! xoxo - Angie

  1. Focus on picking your venue first.  It sets the scene for the overall style of your wedding and the details that will follow.
    2. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Often couples get overwhelmed in the beginning and they freeze. This leads them to waste precious planning time.  You have plenty of time to fine tune the details along the way, so stand firm on you decisions and don’t stall in the beginning 
    3. Have fun... don’t forget that your engagement is a time to celebrate the love that brought you to this point.  Take a moment to breathe and remember that before getting bogged down by the nitty gritty of Planning"

    Jazmin — From Anyvent Planning


Bridal Stylist —
”Don't go dress shopping on your own!! but also chose carefully who you invite to go dress shopping with you.  All the gowns will start to look the same after the fifth and it will be harder to choose the style you truly love. Our best suggestions is to invite a friend who is truly honest and is not afraid to tell you if something doesn’t enhance your body or if there are other styles that work better for you. This is the time when you really need to know which dress looks best. 
Last but not least, if you don’t have a friend or family member that can assist you, then ask your wedding planner or hire a bridal stylist. This is one of our favorite services in our Once Upon A Time Collection {A.K.A. Full Planning}.”

Soco Alicea from Soco Alicea Fine Art Wedding Planning


“I recommend sitting down with your fiancé, parents, or whomever may be assisting you financially & setting a budget. This budget needs to be something you can realistically afford & you’ll need to decide whether you have flexibility or not down the road. From there, you need to lock down your date & location. especially in south Florida- There are sooooo many things to consider when choosing your venue & wedding day. We have a plethora of festivals (Art Basel, ultra), air/boat shows, spring break, hurricane season, tourist season, etc. that may affect your guest’s flights, local traffic, hotel availability, & venue costs.

When you sit down to have your budget conversation, also assess how little or much you want to be involved in planning. Determine whether you have the desire, work schedule, or time, to attend meetings, consultations, put together  a design, assemble & mail invites, etc. Maybe you’re in law school, you live out of state, or you’re a nurse with a schedule that’s not 9-5 & you know you need professional assistance from the very beginning of your engagement. I recommend hiring a planner that offers a full service or complete planning package. If you know you have flexibility in your schedule & want to take on a lot of the planning duties, find a planner who offers something like a partial or coordination package.”

Amber from Oh My Occasions


“Know your numbers before starting the planning process. Know your budget, know how many people you are inviting, and know the areas you would like to get married!
Fridays are becoming a lot more popular for weddings because you save money in comparison to a Saturday AND you have the rest of the weekend to celebrate with family in town.”

Betina from Busy Bee Events