Ok -- This space was created for real talk... & I have a confession to make. I LOVE WORKING -- Maybe a little too much. 

Lately I have been finding myself staying up after my husband goes to sleep, I have worked holidays, weekends (both Saturday & Sunday) without saying NO -- And while I feel I am succeeding in my business, I also feel like I am falling short I some of my roles at home :(  

                I have taken quality time I usually share with my husband and have invested it in my work -- Yes I absolutely love my clients!! But while I have an awesome husband who supports my every adventure when it comes to business I have decided to completely change my work system in order to bring the balance I desire for my life. 

I am now aiming to be more productive instead of being busy all the time. Prioritizing tasks is a must, and spending quality time with my husband is my top priority right now. These moments I have with him are so unique and special my goal for the next year is to enjoy and embrace them all. If you are going through something similar here are a few tips you can do to add balance to your life. 

1. Recognize what areas you are slacking on

2. Prioritize your tasks from High to Low

3. Cut away that "EXTRA" tasks you are doing that aren't necessary in your business -- We all have a few. 

4. Buy and USE an Agenda. Planning what you are doing everyday will show you how most times where you are wasting/investing your time in-- more specifically. 

5. Make a "UNMOVABLE/UNTOUCHABLE" Time for YOU and other time for you and your spouse/family

6. Work out --- About 4 months ago I did some blood work and my hormones were completely out of wack -- My stress levels through the roof and my cortisol level was lower than low!!- I started working out every day for 1 hr and sure enough my hormones went back to normal, my cortisol levels are improving, and I feel more relaxed overall. 

7. Make the decision to work smarter instead of harder -- Train your mind to recognize what productivity truly is -- Busy isn't always productive. ;)



Angela Vallejo