You might be wondering why they title is " Anniversary trip" instead of Anniversary -- Peeps... I LOVEEEE traveling -- our anniversary is a milestone that must be celebrated in the best way we know -- TRAVELING :)

Thomas and I have established a tradition in our marriage -- Every year on our anniversary we go away somewhere new to celebrate. This year we had so many projects going on that as July was getting closer he told me he didn't think we would be able to travel. 

So guess what -- I took matters into my own hands and decided to surprise him with a trip to Puerto Rico! We had been wanting to go for some time now and it was the perfect opportunity to do so! 


We wanted an adventurous trip, in which we could enjoy and disconnect from our daily routines!

Here are some photos from the trip -- I wouldn't be surprised if after you saw these you went into hopper or skyscanner and booked yourself a trip to the enchanted island of Puerto Rico. By the way -- Trip advisor is your best friend when you want to find out exactly how things look, how customer service truly is & muchoo moreeee :)


We had an absolutely amazing time in Culebra--- It rained a Little but it was MAGICAL.... <3

The Photo below was taking in the town where my husband was raised... Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Our ATV and Jet Sky adventure was by the very popular Yunque National Park! :D 

Then we went.... Jet Skiyng to Viequesss in a private Tour! <3

andddd of course the BEST part of Puerto Rico.... Old San Juan <3

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 10.19.39 PM.png

I truly enjoyed everything in Puerto Rico! From the food -- the conversations with the people-- This is truly La isla del Encanto!! :)

Till we meet again Puerto Rico! <3