Today's blog is a little different... I could say most of you (About %90) already know I am a destination wedding photographer, and love traveling, and capturing people in love, that speak different languages, and have different cultures -- That percentage went up to %100 just know (in case you didn't know what I love doing. I could have posted another wonder wedding, or engagement but-- I would love to introduce you to something you and I probably have in common. MY LOVE FOR MOVIES  >.< (yayyyy!!) 

My LOVE for movie comes from my father who since I was born has been working in television -- Watching movies is our quality time together-- I love movies so much there are seasons of my life where I have watched all the new movies in RedBox LOL -- Let's get to the good part...

This month's best movie pick for me is the movie SING 


Now I picked this movie because I have come to realize general adult movies have loads of sexual content, tons of bad words, violence, etc -- But there is NO message -- When I truly want to feel inspired, when I want to refresh my view on life and purpose I watch a Disney movie... as corny as it sounds Sing is a story of a dreamer who just doesn't give up-- He sticks to his dream and makes steps of faith over and over again and even more amazing he inspires others to follow their dreams as well -- I just LOVE this... is a clear message of purpose, vision, love, passion and legacy! 

Of course... Here is some of my go to snacks when watching one of these amazing movies....  Simply salted popcorn!!! YUM


I have seriously come to love Brookside dark chocolate covered fruits <3


And.... you guessed it!!! --

Not soda, but a delicious freshly squeezed lemonade!

 (yasssss I could live my entire life drinking ONLY water and lemonade!  :) 


Now head on to redbox and rent this movie!! I will assure you it'll be fun for all family members anddd, if you are a creative it will leave you feeling very much inspired and ready to take on any Challanges!