The VLOG from today is a little different, it is huge part of where my inspiration comes from when it comes to my business. I wrote and deleted from this post as many times as you can imagine, because there are so many things to share from my relationship & marriage for others to be inspired and others to simply learn from the mistakes we have made -- So I decided to keep it fun and share some facts about us as well as my husband so you can get to know us a little better. 

PS:  There's a corny video at the end of this post, if you want to see a little more than fun facts ;)

1.      Thomas was born in New York and his roots are from la isla del encanto... La Hermosa Puerto Rico

2.      We met at a youth activity from our former church

3.      We did NOT even thought about each other romantically until four years into our friendship ( I kid you not…)

4.      As friends I pushed him to date other girls – Luckily for me he always found something he didn’t like about them (LOL)

5.      I won Thomas’ friendship by gifting him a bag of coffee from Colombia (He is coffee obsessed )

6.      Before getting together we stopped talking to each other for seven months (I thought he confused our friendship for real LOVE -- & I wanted him to snap out of his 'confusion' lol)

7.      Thomas bought my engagement and wedding rings the first month we were dating =O (Talk about knowing I was the ONE <3)

8.      Thomas proposed on a private Island after we both had a spa day – on our fourth month anniversary! ( This guys knows what he wants -- I love that about him!)

9.      Thomas is the definition of order, fashion, discipline and fitness

10.  We love watching movies, specially with a good wine and delicious dinner

11.   Thomas was born a leader -- If he can see it… We now have it, or we are saving for it!

12.   We both enjoy traveling a lotttt and we enjoy the finer things life offers ;)

13.   Thomas was our interior decorator for the house – We are a William Sonoma & West Elm home <3

14.   We lived in our first apt without any furniture— On purpose… When we bought our house (2 years ago) we splurged on our dream furniture :)

15.   Thomas believes he has OCD – He has a grin on his face as he says this to people>.<  He loves to clean #BlessedWife

16.   Every time we travel anywhere, Thomas goes to a local Starbucks and buys a mug from that city – If you have coffee at our house, you can sip your coffee from a Cozumel, New York, San Francisco, or Brazil mug among others...

17.   Bella was conceived ( in our hearts) after watching the movie John Wick – I begged Thomas for months so we could get a Beagle – We drove to Tampa, Florida and fell in love with baby Bella <3

18.   There is absolutely NOTHING I can say or do to get Thomas attention when he is watching basketball – He zones out completely >.<

19.   We both call each other ‘babe, honey, mi amor, mi vida’ always! – Calling out our names is just plain weird to us

20.   Thomas loves reading – He can talk about almost every topic there is – He enjoys different cultures and enjoys teaching from the Bible – His favorite book :)

Aside from the fun facts, I wanted to share this video-- This is a collection of moments with my forever sweetheart, my husband Thomas Vallejo.