I met Michael a couple of months ago moments before he surprised Melissa with the sweetest proposal! Melissa and Michael are just the sweetest couple you will ever meet -they have stuck through thick and thin... Their love is fire proof! 

Melissa is a makeup artist who spends her days making other women look just fabulous on their wedding day, and Michael is soon to be a police officer – They are as unique as they wanted their session to be. We spent quite some time planning for their engagement shoot and man oh man – they totally amazed me at their session. They are elegant, romantic and their chemestry is as organic as it gets. This session is quickly becoming one of my favorites, as from the moment we started I was able to capture Melissa and Michael’s love so easily. The entire session though hot and humid went by as if it was the first day of spring! Nothing but blooms of love <3

I honestly cannot wait for your wedding day, but for now enjoy these unique and beautiful moments!

You guys are definitely one of the loveliest couples I have had the pleasure of working with. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this day! See you on your wedding day! :)


Angela V