When it comes to writing the love stories for other people, it comes naturally to me – but I had a hard time coming up with what to write for my own brother’s proposal – you read right my BROTHER’s proposal.

Being the eldest of four kids it is rather difficult to see your younger siblings as adults – When Jhosh came to ask me to help him plan and photograph his proposal I was honored as I was taken away – my little brother will soon start his own family =O Anywho – we got to planning right away – we played with different ideas… and soon we brought into our planning team Aly (almost sister) & Charis (my youngest sister) and man oh man they helped a ton! We were like the fantastic four -- What a great team!! ( Love you guysss <3)

So the final plan was to: Trick Erika into a girls trip (She wanted Jhosh to come along [smh] LOL -- can you imagine us coming up with crazy excuses for her not to bring him -- and for him to say no ?! lmbo)  to specifically Magic Kingdom – Jhoshua wanted to make it extra special because 1. She hadn’t been there since she was two years old 2. She had told him she wanted to get married at Disney World <3

After a lotttt of coffee, long conversations, and planning – we got to do it –

I tricked Erika into thinking she was modeling for “Senior portraits” for me  -- and folks she wasn’t loving the idea—but oh man was it worth it --- Her reaction was priceless….  & of course I couldn’t help but cry in this unique and beautiful moment….


This picure kinda says everything -- "What the -- why is my boyfriend dressed like prince charming...? 

Erika was so shocked she kept her pose like a good model --- then her eyes got watery.... She felt a chill go down her spine as the realization of the moment was sinking in....

This moment was so unique -- before she answered she glanced over to me as if to celebrate her moment in a way only we could understand -- and guys... I burst into tears right about here....  =' )

The ring was a perfect fit!!! yayyyyyy 

My brother thought of everything -- He brought Erika's mom and two of her closest friends to witness this moment <3

Now I have another sister in the family! Welcome to the Pardo family Erika!! You will be such a gorgeous bride <3

I literally cannot wait for your wedding!! I am so happy my brother found a woman who loves and respects him the way you do -- You have made him a better man -- and you are so blessed to have such a man with one of the most loving and noble hearts I know!


Love you both!!