Today I had a very beautiful moment with one of my #AVCouples. – You see I photographed their wedding here in Miami three years ago, and a few months back, Andrea reached out to me so that I could capture their – Maternity photo session :) I felt so honored and truly special knowing that Andrea and Jonathan immediately thought of me when it came to capturing yet another beautiful – first moment of their lives :)

We met up at Bill Baggs Cape Florida state park for a sunrise maternity shoot, and I have to say.. Out of the maternity sessions I have done in this park – This is yet my favorite one!! – From the light, to the weather, the colors in the sky and my amazing models – Andrea you were glowing with Love and happiness!  >.< …. I just loved it all! <3

The photos both above and below have so much emotion! Definitely some of my favorites :)

The way you guys look at each other.... (sigh......*) #couplegoals

Dearest Andrea: You are one of the most beautiful mommy's I've ever photographed! =O

Dearest Jonathan: Your love for Andrea and your baby boy is so tangible! You guys are just perfect together! <3

& Then something magical happened --I just LOVE making my clients goo-goo gah - gah when it comes to picures -- So Andrea wanted to recreate one of her favorite photos from the wedding.... & voila'!!   :')         ...(So many memories right....?)

Guys!I cannot word out my joy while capturing, choosing and editing your photos! I am so happy to have shared this moment with both of you! Once a #AVBride & #AVCouple  you will forever and ALWAYS be part of the AV Community! 



Angela V