This engagement session was one that takes me back to many, many years ago. You see... I've known the bride since she was pretty much a toddler -- Capturing this engagement session, I couldn't help but remember how we would play when we were younger, I would sometimes sleep over her house and play with her dogs (I want to say one of the dog's name was Shadow >.< if I am wrong... only Steph and I will know LOL -- and though many things changed... Her love for dogs remains intact.  I always find I get along with dog people so much-- they are kind, caring, and genuine -- & Stephanie is not the exception! 

Although I knew I would have a great time with Steph, I had not met her fiancee Julian, but man was he fun!! -- They both are! You see, when it comes to finding the right person Setphanie definitely chose well! Julian loves dogs too! heheeh They met at a friends party and hit it off since then! The enjoy their five puppies and just like me are FOODIES <3 (Talk about ideal clients >.<) Julian knew that Stephanie was going to be the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with so he proposed September 10th of last year when Stephanie was "planning" a surprise birthday party for Julian -- but little did she know he was planning to surprise her by popping the question!

These two are so cute together! & because the love the outdoors we took this session to a very unique place in Redlands, Florida were we spent the session laughing and sharing with their fur babies!  

Guys -- Thank you so much for letting me capture this special day!  I cannot wait for your wedding day! <3