When it comes to my clients -- I want to give them the BEST! & by this I mean I not only have invested in my skill but also in my equipment -- From insurances, to back up cameras, and countless memory cards-- I have made it my mission to provide excellence for my clients in every way possible.  So this post was one I have been wanting to blog about for a long time. But it so happens I got two of the three things I set out to get this year equipment wise so I could not longer wait to post! 

Some may be asking themselves why I am so determined to get the 'BEST' -- I assure you it isn't to show off my fancy lenses... The kind of equipment you use as a photographer is an asset your brand, work and your finished product.  A Great bag protects your investment, a good camera allows you to have the speed needed to capture fully what you are envisioning, a good lense will capture light and color in a great way-- and I can go on about the why's of good equipment but I just really want to show you what is inside my bag and my new BAG <3


Surprise...  <3

A very special thanks to The Hose of Flynn for this beautiful leather bag! I absolutely LOVE my camera bag! 

& just as I was taking my detail shots my baby Bella came to pose -- She is always in the Mood for photos! <3

>.< I just had to squeeze another one right here! She is part of my long-editing nights -- that counts as part of my equipment... right? (LOL)

Now begins the cool part -- literally INSIDE my bag I have the following.... 


This is my main camera: Canon Mark III 5D | My back up Camera is a Canon Mark II 60D Both are awesome but TIP #1 : More than having the latest camera is having the RIGHT lenses -- Which brings me to the next part....  


after Bella gives me some space that is... (LOL)

The L2 Series 24-70mm Canon lense is one of my favorites for portraits up close and personal. This is on of my go-to lenses (Lets see if that changes once I get my 85mm L2 Series Canon lense ) =O 

The bad boy above is a Canon L2 Series 14mm Lense. I left the cap off for the photo because I love the curve on the outside part of the lense! This badboy allows me to have the widest of shots! It is great for group photos, and landscapes as well. 

The lense above ^ Canon 50mm was the first lense I ever bought -- It has been with me since day one! Aside from the versatility this lense provides (beautiful depth of field, the way it captures light) this lense will be with my until its last 'breath' or ability to capture. I often use it for details more than anything -- This lense gives me great focus on a specific detail while beautifully capturing a hazy 'blurred' background. 

The L2 Series Macro 100mm lense is the newest addition to the Angela Vallejo Photography entourage ;) Although the 50mm allows me to get amazing detail shots -- this is the father of capturing detail shots -- I love this lense! Photographers -- If you love shooting flowers, bugs, nature itself  this lense will definitely give you amazing detail shots! 

Sigma is so amazing! This Sigma 70-200mm Lense was the second lense I purchased. I love shooting ceremonies with this lense. It allows me to capture the right moments without having to be right by the altar, gazebo, etc. This is lense is perfect for distance situations -- a couple walking in the distance towards me is one example of the many uses this lense has -- But its strengh is mainly distance shots! 

Although this is not all of my equipment -- it is my main 'entourage' as I like to call it.  Photographers:  I always recommend to have a second camera at hand -- life happens, lets be ready for it! ;) I have on me at least 4 memory cards on a shoot add four more on the wedding day -- these get jammed too. I also own 2 RT 600 Professional flashes -- these can be used as strobe lights, as well as on the camera to bounce light from ceilings, walls, etc. Currently working on getting the last of the three things I set out to get this year -- my L2 Series 85mm lense! (The other 2 were the Macro lense, and my dream camera bag :)

Comment, or email me with any questions you guys may have! I am always ready to share my knowledge with anyone who asks! :) 



Angela Vallejo