Every proposal is always unique and very special -- Melissa & Michael's was no exception. Was it raining? Why yes it was....-- I would like to think heaven was crying tears of joy though >.< ( I am a bit corny I know... LOL) Anyway... I met up with Micheal inside the venue to catch fresh air (well -- in reality some AC air -- as Miami days are, it was quite warm and humid outside) He planned not only to surprise Melissa, but he brought all of her closest family and friends to share this moment with both of them. Micheal told me his love story one last time before he would see her and ask her to be with him for the rest of his life; as for Melissa -- all I could think about was all the moments she served other women to look as beautiful for their big day... You see, Melissa is a professional makeup artist.. She spends her life glaming up brides from all over South Florida, and now her day was finally here. The moment most women dream of, plan and pinterest too (lol) You should have seen her face when she walked in to Micheal asking the biggest and most important question a man asks a woman -- Oh wait .... you can... Scroll down and live with us Melissa's moment as her happily became ever-after <3


Melissa was so clueless as to why Michael was standing there.... 


Michael! This proposal was so sweet and special...  <3


... & in case you're wondering how Melissa walked into this surprise --- She was tricked into it by the planner of this proposal! Gem Weddings and Events  brought Micheal's idea to life! If you want to know how she got tricked -- Check out Gem Wedding and Events blog for the whole scoop! 


Thank you Michael for trusting me to capture this beautiful day.... & thank you Melissa for the joy you brought me as you sparked into becoming a Mrs-to be.   <3