I remember when I was younger I used to dream about growing up and growing out blonde hair just like my Barbie doll -- I could feel my eye color slowly changing to blue. Right when I was about 15 years old I realized I was stuck with light brown eyes, and dark brown hair. I felt average. Nothing about me would really stand out -- Or so I thought!

I talk to people, and couples on a weekly basis, and I often feel a future wave of disappointment coming their way -- Every body, person, bride and couple is different.  I see brides , men and women of different sizes -- beautiful and rare --- Showing me photos of photo-shopped images from pinterest, vogue magazines, Cosmopolitan and other similar magazines. Then they look at me in the eye sand tell me they want to look just like them for their photo shoots. While my brand is about giving my clients a luxury, and celebrity like experience I have to be completely honest. ANY, and I mean any person and couple can look absolutely stunning on their portrait photos, maternity, engagement and wedding shoots. The first step to achieving the most perfect shoot is to focus on who YOU are. If you have a great experience and truly enjoy yourself during your photo shoot -- The celebrity touch is added by me merely tweaking light, color and other technical terms I rather not list and bore you with them.

Take serious action on focusing on you! Loving your smile, your size, your personality because this is what will show when I take your photos -- Focusing on trying to look like other people you have in your awesome pinterest board can distract you from showing the world how UNIQUE your truly are! Baby -- it is time to SHINE!! Barbies are average -- They all look the same, there is nothing real about them -- But there is something very real in every single one of you! & that includes couples too!! No couple is ever alike!


Here are some things that you can do to make this experience a vogue-celebrity-magazine-spread type of experience for YOU!

Things to keep in Mind

  1.   Love yourself, your partner, and embrace who you are individually, and as a couple -- Comparing your photos to other' photos or couples' photos is just as bad as comparing yourself to a whole different person. Everything about you is unique -- Pinterest is a point of reference --Nothing more.

  2. Know your budget and expect accordingly. Every budget is a great budgets -- Sounds a little silly, but budgets come from a place of wisdom and facts.  Many people show me references of a shoot done in Athens, Greece but they want to have their shoot done at their local park -- Pears with pears my friends!

  3. If you want to  have glamorous images, that automatically enhance your overall look and appearance, take seriously into consideration: Investing in new wardrobe, Having your makeup and hair done by a professional MUAH artist, and book private location in order to have unique images. Free places tend to be popular and you will have similar backgrounds if you choose these common places.

I really hope this post added some value to your upcoming photo shoots! If you have any questions, leave them in the comment box or write me an email!  Let me know what other topics you would like for me to touch on as well.

Thank you for your time!