My dearest brides,

Almost always immediately after we get engaged we start dreaming about our wedding, planning every detail, song, and all the other things in between, but when the day of the wedding comes around we often forget the little things that make our truly and uniquely ours-- What I mean by this is we forget to bring our favorite perfume, or leave at home the box in which we carry the rings.

Details make up your day -- This is why I wanted to leave you a short list of the things that you can bring with you so your wedding photographer  can make them immortal (How's that for dramatic --lol)                         We LOVE capturing wedding details! The more you bring-- the merrier ;)

1. Ring Box - This one is forgotten quite often - Don't let the stress of the wedding allow you to forget this possible family heirloom! Rings are small and can get lost in pockets, or purses! Keep them safe in their box :)  Double win ;)

2. Invitations - OK - This one should probably be the #1 most forgotten during weddings. You can add this one to your list of 'must haves' for your wedding day. Invitations are a hefty investment, they carry a date and a time that is of amazing importance -- They carry your names and well... They are YOURS -- Unique and very special!

3. Perfume - It is scientifically proven that smells bring back memories, of course you can't smell a photo but-- You will always know exactly what fragrance you wore on that special day!

4. Shoes - Your wedding shoes are very important. If you have worn them before -- Give them a good clean before the wedding day, these babies will be with you for a very long time -- So bring them along -- Let us capture them as they carried you on your way from Ms to --> Mrs. :)

5. Bridal Kimono / Robe - As a bride, you want to feel like a princes and look like one too. On your wedding day you will most likely have some shots taken of you before you put on your dress -- Up your glam with a nice bridal kimono -- Victoria Secret's have the most comfy ones!! Can you say " SILK"

6. THIS WILL SAVE YOUR WEDDING! If you live in Florida, or Seattle  -- Or any place where you have a heavy raining season, please buy 2 clear umbrellas for your wedding! This will literally save your bride and groom portraits & possibly your ceremony! Do not underestimate raining season. Take this precaution so you can sit back and relax your wedding day rain or shine! ;)

BONUS: Have a shoe box or plastic container for your wedding day. Things can get trampled and torn in a bag - so use a box instead. Place your invitation, perfume, Kimono, earrings, and wedding invitations in there. Have your MOH take this to your bridal suite and voila! You have everything you need for your big day!

I hope this blog helped your be even more ready for your wedding day! If you have any questions regarding bridal details -- Please leave them in the box below!


Angela V