Paola and Matthew's big day was one to remember forever! I remember the day we sat in Starbucks for a coffee and I told you both my love story -- Paola's eyes lit up with a light that a few people ever have the chance of experiencing; She was in love and it showed in her every breath, every glance, and every word exchanged between her and Matthew. 

I truly enjoyed capturing your wedding day! Like your engagement, your wedding day was very unique and very special! The story my lenses tell is one effortlessly intimate and full of love -- you guys never strived for perfection or the rigidity sometimes weddings bring. Eveything fell in its place, and boy were they placed ever so perfectly. 

We had a mini portrait session at the Epic Hotel in Downtown Miami!  

Kudos to you Matthew for gifting Paola such a beautiful surprise!

Angela Vallejo Photography Cooper Estate1
Angela Vallejo Photography Cooper Estate2

Her father waited patiently for Paola to finish getting ready, He was in absolute awe when he saw her! 

Angela Vallejo Photography Cooper Estate8
Angela Vallejo Photography Cooper Estate3
Angela Vallejo Photography Cooper Estate5
Angela Vallejo Photography Cooper Estate6
Angela Vallejo Photography Cooper Estate7
Angela Vallejo Photography Cooper Estate10

Take a peek at this amazing venue in Miami -- The Cooper Estate feels so timeless! Its modern yet has that touch of vintage that leaves anyone wanting to be born in another decade! 


This flower gazebo was definitely one for the books! & Those red roses were the perfect touch for a winter wedding! 


There are no real words to describe the feelings below! (What a special mother-son bond) It is palpable...

As the ceremony was about to start... Matthew's parents blessed him with a prayer