20 FACTS about Me :)

Hello everyone! Welcome to my page! 

I am celebrating the fact that I just rebranded AV Photography!  I spent a few months working alongside Magnolia Creative Studios in order to bring my vision to life! 

As I start blogging about all the wonderful clients I have, I really wanted to give you a little peek into who I am personally. Here are 20 facts about me! 


1. My name is NOT Angela -- it's Angie, I just really like how Angela sounds -- rounder maybe a little more elegant and serious! 

2. I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia -- I came to the US (Miami) when I was 11 years old. {I have lived in Miami for 17 years now} I am bilingual

3. I met my two greatest loves in church -- yes two! My husband Thomas, and Jesus! I love Jesus and Jesus is just as crazy about you! He loves you -- Yes you! & My husband & I love Him so! 

4. I am the oldest of 4 kids, I often feel like I am already a parent. I have done my fair share of bottle feeding, diaper changing, and baby sitting.

5. I married my best friend... Not like he became my bestie while we were dating, more like we were best friends for 4 1/2 years & then he saw me in a whole new light! LOL

6.I sing. I don't like to often say this to people because I feel like it places me on the spot-- but I've had to sing to brides and grooms before to create a romantic atmosphere! {Unforgettable.... that's what you are...!}

7. I have been told I am very funny. I love making people laugh -- Just about anything can be fixed with a good laugh!

8. I LOVE Disney movies! I still record Aladdin when they show it on Disney Channel! I have also always wanted to be hired by Disney to voice over for one of their princesses! {Can I be Ariel, or Jasmin, or Mulan pretty pleaseeeee?}

9. Did I mention how much I love Netflix and certain TV Shows?! How to get away with Murder, Once Upon a Time, Jane the Virgin, The Vampire Diaries, iZombie, Scandal, Quantico and the list goes on! I also have a weird obsession with HGTV and ID Channel {Investigation Discovery} Who doesn't want to know how to build a pantry from scratch {I have yet to build anything} and clean up a murder scene the wrong way {sarcasm hinted} ID Channel keeps me on my toes -- It;s like watching thriller stories all day long! 

10. I love dogs -- wait let me rephrase that -- I love ANIMALS. If my husband let me I would have about 5 dogs, 3 cats, at least 2 birds, and 10 rabbits -- throw a monkey in there too because well.. who wouldn't want to have a pet monkey?

11. I have dreamed of having twins since I could remember. People have made the funniest of faces when I confess my deep desire for twins, but hey...! I married a twin -- my chances just doubled! win- win ;)

12. I have an irrational fear of breaking my bones -- Maybe Unbreakable Breakable did it for me {Must watch Movie if you haven't already}

13. I love Nitrogen ice cream. I used to not really like ice cream at all but this is the only cream I like. 

14. I don't like donuts, pies, jelly beans, twizzlers, licorice-- nothings, lime cake, creme brulee, or mamey juice! 

15. I despise bad grammar. I am no teacher but I believe in proper grammar when communicating-- specially via text!

16.   I love food -- Good food that is. If you ever want to grab a bite, dessert or coffee we can go to: Sushi Liko, La Perla, Los Verdes, Dragonfly, The melting Pot, Cheesecake Factory, GreenStreet Cafe, Mishas, Segafredos, Mondongos, Lime, Chipotle, Pasion del Cielo, Roasting Buddies, Pura Vida, La patagonia Argentina, Benihana, Dolores but you can call me Lolita & the list goes on...

17. My husband and I have a %90 organic diet. We have come to realize how important eating healthy is. We do believe we are what we eat -- so I am extremely sweet ;) 

18. I love traveling! One of my goals before I kick the bucket, is to have traveled at least half the world. I have gone to Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, New York, Texas, North and South Carolina, Napa Valley, San Francisco -- and somehow this doesn't feel like enough! 

19. I don't like people who lie, pretend to be something they aren't and most of all-- I dislike bullies. 

20. I cry -- a lot! I wear my heart on my sleeve! I have learned not to allow people to hurt me so they don't-- I just cry when I am moved by something beautiful! A groom looking at his bride for the first time, a mom holding her baby after its born, grand and love gestures move me to tears. Also movies, movies move me to tears -- From The Lion King, to The Notebook I've cried my eyes out!