Difficult times are the BEST times!

"Your difficulties won't defeat you, they'll promote you.  They're not going to break you; they will strengthen you"  -Unkown

This quote [above] I didn't understand too well while going through various family difficulties, marriage adjustments, work obstacles & deeply-rooted self struggles.


This 2016 has been amazing because I've chosen to embrace the difficult moments in the past years. These difficult moments have taught me to value more the things life offers! I chose this photo of my most recent wedding because like many things, getting to marry the love of your life-- takes tears, prayers, waiting for decades-- two or three somethings; Some of us even experience a heartbreak or two... But all that is forgotten when we find that special God-sent person! I've always thought that the bride and groom often cry this day because all at once they realize the all of those difficult moments exist no more, the person they waited, prayer for, and needed, is walking toward them to never leave their side-- They know how much it took to finally be wearing white! Some had to go through financial hardship, some through sicknesses, others didn't their see their relationship approved from people whose opinions they considered important-- For me walking down the aisle towards my husband didn't just mean I found love- it meant overcoming all the obstacles thrown at us! It was a victory, a milestone, and also a precious reminder of the way Jesus awaits, and loves us-- His bride! I cannot wait to enter 2017 embracing each day as it is handed daily to me! I encourage anyone who may read this- engaged or not engaged yet - All good things take time, and the thoughts, plans, and doors that God has prepared for you will open, will come, and when they do-- you will remember these words that came from someone who was once rejected, broken, failed, hurt, and now values the fact that in Jesus is accepted, made whole, overly blessed, and has a heart who's been healed and placed in the hands of the BEST heart-carer in the universe! God will not fail you, He will not disappoint, He will never forsake you! He will turn your every difficulty into something good. That is His promise to YOU!

Romans 8:28    "And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose."